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  • That’s Amore – A Tuscan Themed Wedding Shower

    I had the best time co-hosting a wedding shower for some dear friends of ours down in Houston recently. Since we live in Texas, we have done many a “fiesta” themed shower, but wanted to do something different and fun. One of the bride’s favorite restaurants in Houston is Ciro’s – since we decided on […]

  • The Essentials of High Tea

    My mother is truly a Victorian lady. She may have been born in the wrong era, but she has done her best to bring the class and sophistication of that age to modern society and instilled it in her four daughters. One of my mom’s long time favorite “ceremonies” is that of high tea. Since […]

  • A Texas Gem: Homestead Heritage

    Thanks to my wonderful colleague I recently discovered a Texas culinary gem – Homestead Heritage. This community is located just outside of Waco – about 5 minutes off of I-35. Their mission and description from the website sum it up perfectly:    “Homestead Heritage is an agrarian- and craft-based intentional Christian community. Its literature stresses simplicity, […]