Sports Theme Baby Shower

Sports Theme Baby Shower

A couple of weeks ago I had the privilege of co-hosting a baby shower for a close friend who has a baby boy on the way. Both parents are great athletes and the nursery is sports decor so we followed suit with a sports themed shower. I had such a fun time helping to plan this shower so I wanted to share a few of our ideas. As much as I wish I could take credit for all of the creative decor and food we displayed at the party, it was definitely a group effort amongst all 4 hostesses. I was really pleased with how everything came together – see some of the details below:

Entry Table: We had a display of “sports memorabilia” when guests walked in. This consisted of a custom leather football with the child’s name and birth year displayed in a glass case as a keepsake for the nursery, a few “vintage” items that were the father’s when he was a baby, pictures of both parents as children, a framed copy of the invitation and a child’s size basketball as the guestbook. Also, as a tip for hostesses – we requested the envelopes from the mom-to-be’s stationary and set them out with a sign instructing guests to fill out an envelope with their address. The sign read “It’s game time for K! Help get addressing out of the way!” This is such a timesaver for the expecting mother when writing thank you notes that they don’t have to address the envelopes.

The Food: The shower was in the afternoon from 2pm – 4pm so instead of traditional shower food we went with a high end “Concessions” spread. We served mini corn dogs, buffalo chicken bites, a popcorn bar, nachos and more. The display really made an impact, we used a lot of different levels for serving and pulled in some fun creative elements.

Nachos: For our concession stand nachos we had chips out in clear plastic cups and then made queso. We chose to keep the queso in a small chaffing dish so it would stay warm, but guests could still quickly and easily serve themselves.

Popcorn Bar: For Christmas last year my nieces had given me a classic popcorn maker so it was fun to use that as a display for this set up. We actually bought the popcorn from a local Fort Worth shop, Pop-N-Cream. We went with buttered popcorn, jalepeno ranch and Reese’s – so we had one basic, one savory and one sweet. We ordered small popcorn boxes that matched the shower decor from Amazon.

Mini Corn Dogs: I had a blast making the display for these corndogs. I bought a small square crate and filled it with green foam, then layered fake grass as our “field” on top. I bought a package of baseball scrapbook stickers and placed them on sticks to put on the field for decor. The grass is on a pretty thick layer of plastic so I had to cut slits to stick the corn dogs into. We purchased the mini corn dogs from the frozen section at the store and cooked them in the oven per package instructions, but please note the minis do not come on sticks. We had to buy sticks separately and put them on ourselves. Also, I highly recommend the condiment squeeze bottles for convenience of use and they make a clean display. This was definitely a hit at the party – it made for such a festive display and who doesn’t love a mini corn dog? 

Buffalo Chicken Bites: These were a hit as well. These were very easy to make and would be great even for just a tailgate or football party as well. We purchased boneless buffalo chicken bites in the frozen section and heated up per package instructions. Then we placed on a football skewer with a piece of celery and had ranch in a condiment bottle on the side. 

The Beverage Bar: For the drink display we did some alcoholic and non alcoholic options.

Non-alcoholic : We offered an infused water in a drink dispenser, mini Topo Chico bottles and mini Cokes, Root Beers and Dr. Peppers as well.

Alcoholic: We offered champagne with a few fruit options you could drop in and the mini Coronita bottles with lime.

The beer and soda was intentional to stay with our sports theme, but we also wanted to offer some additional classic options as well. 

Party Favor: We did a combined dessert and party favor with custom take away cookies from local Fort Worth bakery, Leah’s Sweet Treats. They did such a great job and they taste even better than they look!

Decor: For the other shower decor some of the girls made some really cute diaper cakes with different sports toppers. We also hung a custom banner over the mantle and then hung some sports onesies as well. 

Other Tips:

  • I took detailed pictures of the nursery, the shower set up and pictures of all guests from the shower and made the mom-to-be a photo book from using one of their Sports Themes. It was very high quality, well priced and shipped really quickly.
  • Use real plates, although we had a Concessions theme spread and most items were finger foods we still used real plates and glassware to set a nicer tone for the shower.
  • Customized Items: Whether it be a napkins, cookies, etc. having a custom element to the shower sends the message that you really put a lot of thought and care into the planning.

Hostess Gift: Obviously I had nothing to do with this part, but I am always looking for good hostess ideas and loved what we received as our gift! The mom-to-be gave us all a really nice bottle of wine along with a silver textured wine coaster and a little sweet treat. It was something we all loved and will definitely use.

Again, I had such a fun time planning this shower and getting creative with the theme. Please comment with feedback and share other great baby shower ideas of yours!

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