About The Cook

About me : Allison Nixon

The facts: My best friends are my husband, my parents and my sisters. I am the youngest of four girls, I have 8 nieces and nephews, wonderful in-laws and if you can’t tell – I am a huge family person. I work full time in Commercial Insurance and love the people I work with and what I do. In my free time I like to exercise, read, travel, spend time with my amazing group of friends, sing alongside my husband’s piano/guitar accompaniment and of course – I love to cook.

I am a Fort Worth girl that is from Dallas. How about that for a contradiction?

There is a misnomer that “Cowtown” is unsophisticated and in fact it is quite the opposite. Fort Worth is one of the most culturally rich cities I have encountered and with culture comes… great food.

I have loved cooking since I was a young kid and my mom really allowed me to explore that hobby from a young age. I would go to the store and get my ingredients, cook the dinner, and set the table complete with a handwritten (and by handwritten I mean Crayola scribbled) menu. This passion only grew and developed more with age. In college, I was a French minor and studied abroad in Paris where I fell in love with French cuisine. Then I lived in Houston after college and if there is one great thing about Houston – it is the restaurants. Also, at that time my job was in sales where I traveled all over the country 3 – 4 days a week, and to bring in some excitement to my otherwise mundane solo work trips I would seek out renowned restaurants to try. All of this to say that these experiences coupled with my passion for cooking and good food led me to start Cowtown Cook.

I am by no means a chef and have no formal training, but I do spend countless hours in the kitchen. I have a wonderful husband, Stewart, who is my biggest supporter and luckily loves to eat (and do dishes). This blog will be a journey of recipes, travel, restaurant tips and all things food.

The ritual of dining over a meal is as old as time and spans across all countries and cultures. It is a common denominator that we can all share together and bring enrichment to our lives. I can relate the experiences of cooking, dining and gathering with friends and family back to all areas of value in my life.

Truly some of the most memorable experiences of my life have been spent over a meal. In an era of constant technology and social media, the dinner table is one place where we can take a step back to appreciate the people in our lives and take time to reconnect with one another. The French have a better way of putting it – embrace the “joie de vivre”. This literally translates as the joy of life, but in the French language this embodies a much stronger sentiment. It’s more of the essence of the intoxication of the pleasures and joys of the world in a non-corrupt context.  So I invite you to join and share with me on this “foodie” journey and embrace the simplicity of the joie de vivre.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site. I feel honored to share a glimpse of my “food life” with you. I would love for this to be a forum where others can share their thoughts and feedback and would love to hear from you.